What is the difference between an exhaust fan and a ventilation fan?

What is the difference between an exhaust fan and a ventilation fan?

By: Sonika Engineers - industrial exhaust fans 2023-01-06

Many people consider an exhaust fan and a ventilation fan similar. However, their purpose is completely different. Huge confusion arises when people hear both of these words. Thankfully, this article will provide answers to all your doubts and will give you in-depth detail on which fan is best based on your needs.

Exhaust Fans

Exhaust Fans are used typically in a room with a lot of heat and moisture. It removes suffocating pollutant air from large enclosed rooms. It is mostly used as an industrial exhaust fan to pull out chemical and heat pollutants from indoor rooms with crowded people. This stops the circulation of polluted air inside which eventually helps the inside space to cool down.

How does  industrial exhaust fans work?

An exhaust fan acts as a suction that takes in hot, humid, and polluted air from a small machine opening, throws it out and replaces it by pulling fresh air from another opening of a vent. This system of cleaning air helps with purifying the air in closed rooms and is most commonly used in various Industries. In industrial spaces also, large exhaust fans are used for the purification of air in warehouses and industries.


    1. Removes harmful pollutants from the air.
    2. It maintains the temperature by replacing the hot humid air through vents.
    3. It prevents the build up of chemical substances on surfaces.
    4. Helps in creating fresh oxygenated air for proper breathing.
    5. It avoids the creation of smoke and dust.
    6. It is cost-effective
    7. Less amount of space required.


    1. Requires regular maintenance.
    2. It is very noisy to use.
    3. Effective for a short period.

Ventilation fans

Ventilation fans are used in large indoor spaces, specifically industrial or commercial complexes. It brings fresh air from the outside to keep the air flowing and circulating inside. These help in breathing oxygenated air in indoor spaces that contain less supply of oxygen. Industrial ventilation fans are heavily installed in construction and production industries to keep oxygen circulating in the enclosed surrounding.

How does industrial ventilation fan works?

Ventilation fans are installed in large rooms to supply fresh air. It has a centrifugal fan attached in a configuration that helps in circulating the air everywhere. In an industrial ventilation fan, rotation of several blades occurs at the end of the duct for the flowing of air. Axial fan, Inline fan, Roof fan, Box fan, or Window fan is used based on the requirement of the infrastructure. Centrifugal blowers come in handy for larger rooms that require a fresh air supply to every corner of the room by applying static pressure for long duct runs. Axial fans prove to be the best fans for industries as it provides low-pressure high airflow perfectly suitable for office and large factories.


    1. Axial industrial ventilation fans occupy relatively small space.
    2. It has a power consumption that saves energy and time.
    3. Low pressure and high volume of air are significantly beneficial for larger rooms.
    4. Creates a pleasant environment in an enclosed room full of people.
    5. Maintains temperature humidity at bay.


    1. Noisy when operated at high speed.

Conclusion -

I hope now you won’t get confused about exhaust fan and ventilation fan usage. Both these fans operate differently and have separate functioning. An exhaust fan is best suited for removing pollutants from small spaces, while a ventilation fan is better suited for supplying fresh air to larger spaces. The usage of these fans can be determined based on it for the perfect optimum results. For Industrial Exhaust Fan and Industrial Ventilation Fan contact Sonika Engineers.