Industrial Wall Bracket Fans

Industrial Wall Bracket Fans

Range: From 0.5 HP to 5 HP
Flow: 4000 to 23000 CFM
Sweep: From 18” to 36”
Application: Man Coolers, Product Cooling

The Sonika industrial wall mount fan range presents Air circulators and heavy-duty industrial fan, wall mount bracket fans for all your industrial needs. Sonika Engineers are wall mounted fans suppliers and provide you with uninterrupted air flow but also ensure that it reaches every corner of your rooms. The heavy-duty exhaust fans maintain steady cross ventilation. Manufactured by one of India's leading electrical companies, they are high on quality and low on maintenance.

How can Industrial Wall Mount Fans help you?

Sonika Industrial wall mount fans attach to a wall, ceiling, or beam and won't take up floor space, block traffic flow, or create a tripping hazard. These industrial fan wall mount brackets are often used for cooling people, machinery, and products in aisles, tight spaces, and busy areas of manufacturing plants, warehouses, and shipping operations. Made of heavy-gauge materials suitable for daily use, these wall bracket fans have a powerful motor that drives the fan blades to move large volumes of air and feature high-performance bearings for long life. A guard encloses the fan blades to help protect them from damage and prevent injuries from accidental contact. Sonika Engineers is a leading wall mounted fans suppliers.

What makes Sonika Engineers the best industrial wall mount fans suppliers?

Sonika Engineers industrial wall mount fans cool light manufacturing areas, warehouses, and other dry, clean spaces where floor space is limited. These industrial fan wall mount bracket fans are used where an office fan is inadequate and a heavier-duty or wet-location industrial fan isn't needed. Heavy-duty Sonika industrial wall mount fan cools heavy manufacturing areas and other dusty or dirty environments where floor space is limited. Compared to light-duty industrial fans, these standard industrial fan wall mount bracket fans are made of heavier-gauge materials, have a higher-horsepower motor that is enclosed to keep out debris and feature more-robust motor bearings for longer life.

Maintaining Industrial Wall Mount Fans

Industrial wall mount fans can be air washed with pressurised air from compressors. They're commonly used for keeping workers, machinery, and products cool in industrial plants and other areas where floor space is limited. These industrial wall mount fans can have an enclosed motor to keep out water and debris.

Our Wall Mounted Fans are built to last

Sonika as a top wall mounted fans suppliers make Corrosion-resistant industrial wall mount fans with materials that withstand exposure to moisture to allow operation in wet or humid areas without damage to the fan.

Uses of Industrial Wall Mount Fans

Indoor uses of industrial wall mount fan include regulating temperature in industrial warehouses where the heat is generated. Its main purpose is as man coolers. It provides heavy flow of air stream to withstand the temperature near the foundry furnaces for workers.