Blower with Filters

Blower with Filters

Customized Solutions as per requirement

Range: From 1 HP to 15 HP
Drive Type: Direct Drive
Filter Material: Depends on environment of operation

Sonika engineer is a manufacturer of high-quality air blower filters for industrial and commercial use. The company's filters are designed to be used in industrial and commercial settings where a high volume of air is circulated through the filter. The company has been manufacturing filters for years and offers a variety of different filter types.


Sonika Engineers Air filters manufacturers provide air blower filters for a variety of needs. Air blower filters are important for preventing debris from entering the air blower, which could cause the blower to stop working. The air blower filter will filter out the debris and keep the air blower running smoothly. This ensures that the blower will be able to blow air without any problems

We are able to develop bespoke, personalised solutions that fit the exact requirements of even the most demanding industrial applications because we carry one of the most broad product ranges in our industry. We have stabilised ourselves as leading air filters manufacturers.

We provide solutions customised to industrial needs

As air blower and air filters manufacturers we understand the need to customise according to industries. At Sonika Engineers we manufacture Industrial blowers for particular applications, such as equipment with gas and dust. There are a range of building materials to choose from, including aluminium and stainless steel, as well as a selection of specific treatments and coatings.

Solutions that are unique

For specific air blower and air blower filter needs, Sonika engineers offer a complete design and production solution. With over years of experience supplying centrifugal fans and blowers, Sonika Engineers has the proven expertise and understanding to create products that are suitable for demanding applications. Systems for measuring losses in airflow systems, whether at the feed or departure points of inline devices or at the end of ducting systems, can be evaluated and validated utilising a suitable in-house test facility.


Sonia Engineers offers effective fan sizing and selection for all customer requirements and applications as specialists in air movement technology.

It can be difficult to decide which fan shape is needed with so many different industrial blower types offering a variety of performance characteristics. We try to provide maximum options to our clients. Our options for industries include a wide range of Axial Fans, Centrifugal Fans, and Mixed Flow Fans, which combine the features of Axial and Centrifugal Fans by employing the air movement techniques of both.

We are the answer to all your industrial blower and air filters requirements

Knowing whether your application demands high quantities of airflow with low pressure or high pressure with low volumes is only one of the questions that must be answered in order to select the appropriate industrial blower. We provide energy-efficient solutions to industries while at the same time providing quality and robust after-sales service.