What is Industrial Blower, Types, Working Principle and More

What is Industrial Blower, Types, Working Principle and More

By: 2023-07-08

What is industrial blower?

It is a machine with blades and wheels which creates pressure to drive the flow of air at required pace, from one point to another. Such devices are ideal for complex operations. Industrial high-pressure blower is an essential part of the production and manufacturing process across various industries.

Types of industrial blowers

Today, industrial blowers are available in many types such as,

  • Positive displacement blower
  • Centrifugal blower
  • High speed blower
  • Helical screw blower
  • Regenerative blower

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We adhere to strict quality control measures in terms of designing, manufacturing, testing and delivering products. We know our clients invest their time, efforts and money in getting products from us and therefore, we make every possible effort to ensure that they receive good returns over a period of time.

Our industrial fans are designed keeping in mind various parameters such as volume range, power range, pressure, etc. to meet the exact requirements of our clients. Our products cater to various industries with their own unique requirements including different specifications. We provide customized products to industries at competitive rates.

Our industrial high-pressure blower caters to the pollution control requirements. They are manufactured to deliver high performance, efficiency and great durability. It is mainly used to propel air through ducts or pipes. We use high-quality metal to make blowers so that they remain powerful assets for our clients for a longer period of time. They have an incredible capacity to move air quickly. Our blowers carry great force and deliver excessive value. The air is forced out by the impeller at a high velocity to create the required pressure. If you have large volumes of air at high pressure to deal with, you can consider choosing Sonika Engineers’ high-performance industrial blower which will produce a powerful flow of air. The pressure can be up to 1500 mmWC. Our products are absolutely durable.

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1. What is a positive displacement blower?

It is a machine that moves air for different applications. It uses positive displacement technology. It is also known as rotary air blower.

2. What are air blower filters used for?

They cater to a variety of needs such as preventing debris from entering the blower, helping the blower run efficiently and seamlessly and providing customized solutions that fulfill client’s requirements.

3. Where can I find a solution that answer all my industrial high-pressure blower and air filter requirements?

Sonika Engineers offers energy-efficient solutions that revolve around premium quality, fair pricing and comprehensive customer support.

4. How do I choose a perfect industrial blower?

  • Determine the size
  • Identify application
  • examine energy saving goals
  • Check for noise cancellation feature
  • Choose a trusted and renowned industrial high-pressure blower manufacturers