Customized Industrial Fans

Customized Industrial Fans
Range: From 0.5 HP to 15 HP
Flow: 5000 to 50000 CFM
Sweep: From 18” to 56”

When purchasing a new custom industrial fan or blower from Sonika Engineers, we ensure that you get the most from your investment. Our custom industrial fan engineers work with you to evaluate your fan use and recommend a custom fan to give you optimal air control, safety, performance, and value.

Because Sonika Engineersis a 100% state-of-the-art industrial company, there are some things you never have to worry about customizing. We build custom industrial fan into something you’d love.. Our customers work with us because they appreciate the high quality custom industrial fan and the service we provide once they buy a fan from us. Our response time and customer-driven innovation are unparalleled in the industry. And whether you “chat” on our website, email or call for our custom industrial fan you can be assured that there is an engineer on the other end ready to roll.

Giving a custom industrial fan order

You can give us a custom industrial fan order. Sonika Engineers give you access to fan design details, drawings, and even pricing and include a live chat with our custom industrial fan design engineers whenever you order. We’ll outline the key considerations in specifying a custom Industrial fan. There are four main pieces of information we will need before we get too far. We need to know:

  • -   Volumetric Flow Rate
  • -   Fan Static Pressure
  • -   Inlet Air Density
  • -   Intended Fan Duty

Sonika Engineers have been supplying fans to industries covering companies, as well as small and medium sized companies that demand high quality products with a wide range of features. We have completed thousands of successful installations all over India and have a proven track record for tackling the most technically complex and unique applications.

Sonica Engineers is India’s leading manufacturer and supplier of custom industrial fan to the industries all across India, we are climbing to the top with our top-notch line of industrial fans, industrial air exhausters, industrial air blower, and industrial dryers. However, it is not only the quality of our products that sets us apart, for we also offer the best in customized engineering, customer service, and support that helps us meet the needs of every customer we serve. We are committed to bringing the best returns possible to the clients who invest in our products.

One of our most powerful skills is our ability to design and build customized products in a very efficient way. We make our products in a completely different way. We at Sonika engineers realize that no two industrial plants are the same, and that custom industrial fan need to vary wildly from location to location. This is why we have a team of highly skilled engineering professionals in place that can custom design and build any of our products, from custom industrial fan to air exhauster systems, in an incredibly efficient way.

Having the peace of mind that custom industrial fan is installed and operating properly prior to start-up is crucial. That is why Sonika Engineers offers a wide range of start-up services and precision checks, including inlet and wheel operational clearances, torque verification, shaft alignment, balance and vibration testing. As part of our standard start-up services, Sonika Engineer field personnel will conduct a variety of inspection checks to ensure the fan is ready for start-up — all the way from the foundation bolts to the lubrication of the fan.