How Many Types of Axial Flow Fans are there?

How Many Types of Axial Flow Fans are there?

By: 2023-03-25

Fans are essential and effective sources of ventilation. But for an industrial fan to function optimally, it is important to understand the appropriate size and type and whether they efficiently provide enough speed (air movement). Only a few are aware that there are categories of industrial fans, too, and one such group of industrial fans is Axial Flow Fans. As renowned axial flow fan manufacturers, at Sonika Engineers, we offer a variety of industrial fans and a range of products in axial flow fans. First, let’s understand what these fans are.

What is an Axial Flow Fan?

As the name suggests, an Axial Flow Fan draws air and pushes it forward, which moves the fan's axis. This fan is a type of compressor which increases the airflow pressure, forcing it to move parallel to the axis of rotation. There are impellers fitted into the axial flow fans, which suck in the air and discharge it in the same direction as the axis.

Axial flow fans are designed to have an enclosure to protect them from external damage, shocks, vibrations or corrosive damages. This enclosure is metallic and made of steel, aluminium or alloys. The impellers are usually made of cast aluminium with black paint, thermoplastic or steel. There are about 2 to 20 blades on the propellers of axial flow fans. These fans perform best when air flow is required against low resistance.

An axial flow fan can handle large volumes of air, but they tend to generate noise during operation. Therefore, although these fans deliver excellent efficiency, due to the noise, they are best suited for industrial purposes. Axial flow fans are used for cooling confined spaces, such as computer cooling fans, table fans and compact fans in industries, factories and work spaces.

Benefits of Axial Flow Fans

1. Axial flow fans ensure adequate airflow; thus, they act as great cooling towers and exhausts. 
2. Axial flow fans are manufactured to deliver optimal and large volumes of air. Thus, even if you decrease the speed of these fans, they will invariably produce high airflow. 
3. Axial flow fans can be duct mountable or wall mountable. 
4. These fans are made using aluminium or stainless steel, making them a perfect industrial fan that is lightweight, durable, reliable, affordable and user-friendly. It is efficient to perform in harsh conditions and extreme temperatures. 
5. Axial flow fans carry a simple design which is easy to maintain. Even if any operational issue occurs, it can be easily identified and rectified.

Types of Axial Flow Fans

1. Propeller Fans: A propeller fan consists of a propeller or a disc-type wheel which operates within a cylindrical structure. This fan works efficiently on low pressure to generate a high capacity of airflow. Propeller fans have two to six blades and require less power to function. The air quality delivered by these fans depends on the number of blades.
2. Tube Axial Flow Fans: A tube axial flow fan consists of a heavy-duty propeller wheel fitted with a cylindrical compartment. Although similar to propeller fans, a tube axial flow fan is more efficient than the former. Tube axial flow fans are duct mounted and used in industries where noise from the fan is not a problem.
3. Vane Axial Flow Fan: A vane axial flow fan is also called a tube axial fan with vanes which is mounted on a cylindrical housing with a set of vanes on each side of the wheel (air guides) to allow discharge of air.
4. Two-Stage Axial Flow Fan: A two-stage axial flow fan consists of two propellers or wheels mounted on a single shaft. The propellers are separated by vanes. These fans deliver a high air volume at high pressure compared to the airflow supplied by a single propeller fan.

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